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Media and Sovereignty

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          Media has become large part of our culture, identity, and everyday lives. There comes a point where we often time fail to notice it. Prince begins his article with the inception of media and goes on to cover its continued role in society. Entities whom are threatened by new technology are sure to respond to it. National powers have ensued rules and regulation on media to prevent the fall of its control. Though, the media has continued to transcend borders and spread democratic values. In Western views there is an ongoing dance to maintain order and security while not over stepping the freedom to distribute information without interference. Here I will give an example of a powerful corporate actor challenging both citizens and states in an attempt to maintain and strengthen their media monopoly.
          Fox News Channel is a cable and satellite television news channel. It is very successful and in 2009 it was rated as the second most watched news channel in cable television. There are some controversies and criticisms surrounding Fox News. It has been charged with being a channel that depicts the news through a right wing conservative lens. Of course Fox News denies these claims and identifies as an unbiased trustworthy news source.
          Roger Ailes is the current president of Fox News Channel. Before beginning with Fox News in 1996 Ailes was a media consultant for Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush. Obviously he was very politically involved and is highly likely to be saturated with Republican views. By maintaining republican views, interests, and ties as the president of a news channel he is sure to run the network with a Republican bias. This is a private corporation using and controlling media to strengthen their political agenda while maximizing profit.

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   Prof. Hala

December 22, 2010 @ 11:50 am

Good report. It reminds us that private corporations are key players in this “dance,” alongside states and citizens (the “people” kind of citizens, that is; not to be confused with “corporate citizens”).

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